23rd July 2019 – “CICC Business Survey 2019 second edition”.


23rd July 2019 – “CICC Business Survey 2019 second…

23rd July 2019 - "CICC Business Survey 2019 second edition”








The Italian chamber of commerce in China, CICC, in association with Assolombarda, organized a meeting discussing the results of “CICC Business Survey 2019 second edition” at the headquarters of Assolombarda in Milan, It was created to analyze the composition of the Italian business community in China and probe the perception of Italian companies’ outlook in the country.

The speakers at the event were: Davide Cucino, President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China; Guido D. Giacconi, Vice President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China and President In3act; Filippo Fasulo CeSIF Director at the Italy China Foundation.

The results of the research showed the current trend of Italian companies in China, talking about important points, such as: the healthy industrial community, EBIT and EBITDA implemented for the evaluation of the companies, FDI current situation in China, import-export practices, the lack of research and development in Italian companies, the IPR, the new environmental protection law, the labor cost and the future prospective that seems to be positive for the Italian community in China.

Talking about sectorial opportunities, Fabrizio Grillo of Bracco, discussed the current situation and strategies implemented by the mulmultinational Bracco in China.

During the meeting, there was a chance to network and debate. The supported debate arguments mainly cantered around the 2025 Made in China for the “China manufacturing” and the BRI, Belt Road Initiative.

B&P attended the events, for more information contact us at: info@barbatelli.net



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