about us


About us



We are a consulting firm serving European SMEs.
We are a group of highly skilled professionals with years of business experience in China.

Thirty years of front-running professional know-how, concrete results, multiple solutions and one-stop shop
consultancy services giving our SME Clients the competitive edge they need to emerge in the dynamic
complexity of China’s marketplace today.

Our qualified Management Consulting Team offers SME-friendly solutions and practical advice on issues such as Commercial and Industrial Market Entry Strategy, Human Resources Management, Taxation, Finance, Treasury and more.






We maintain that every foreign SME planning to do business in China is entitled to optimum consultancy solutions at competitive rates.

Focused on our Professional Mission and on our Client’s realization of profit, we make competent and dynamic Team support available to our clients throughout all phases of their project implementation, by actively promoting realizations under the highest standards of performance and in full respect of ethical values and guidelines.

We operate in conformity with the EU Best Business Practice Guidelines in every phase which include the following features:









Business Approach – Global View



Orientation follows the entire value chain to final result.
Maximum transparency in the methods and practices used to achieve objectives.