Deep knowledge of procedures, administrative, financial and tax issues in China to make more fluid and profitable the management and growth of your Company.

We offer customized solutions through the integration of services in tax, administrative and financial projects. Our team of professionals can support you in the day-by- day management and in the development of highly complex projects. You will have available a broad range of expertise and know-how you can compose and integrate for achieving a high performance in controlling and business management without increasing overhead costs.
  • Administrative and accounting assistance through a periodic report to the parent company
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statemens (in accordance with the company policies or different international accounting standards)
  • Financial advisory on complex issues such as transfer pricing between the parent company and its subsidiary, distribution and profit repatriation, taxation, tax management.
Administrative, accounting and tax assistance
We can support the company in all the accounting obligations necessary for the daily management of the company:
  • Taxable income declaration (quarterly)
  • Direct and indirect taxes
  • VAT monthly declaration (and year end)
  • Business tax declaration
  • Personal Income Tax declaration for local and foreign employees
  • Other taxes (registration, stamp duty, etc.)
Payrol and social security
We can support the company in the following activities: calculation of monthly salary and related welfare contributions (medical fund, severance pay, retirement fund, housing fund, etc.) on behalf of clients.