Indirect investments

Agency Incorportations
(a.k.a. "Representative Office")
Office representative of a parent Company in the country.
Does not require company capital, and its activities are limited to promotion on the market.
An Agency may not generate income or stipulate contracts with local businesses in China.
Franchising Operations
  • Extension of operative commercial licenses to franchisor
  • Diagnosis of franchising propositions
  • Standardization preparation
  • Redaction of company policies and franchising manuals
Trade agreements
  • Formulation of distributive models
  • Research for distributors
  • Redaction and discussion of agreements with agents, suppliers
  • Trademark licence agreements
Trademark license agreements
  • Trademark analysis
  • Trademark registrations in Chinese and alphabetic languages
  • Trademark extension
  • Support during trademark related objections / petitions procedures
IP protection
  • Redaction of trademark license agreements
  • AIC annotation procedure
  • Assistance in out-of-court negotiations
  • Product / trademark development