Competence, motivation, capacities of integration and development Human Resources, a strategic asset for the SME

During the phase of Human Resources research for your company, our attention particularly favors the harmonious insertion of professional figures capable of meeting the challenges posed.
Human Resources/ Personnel Research
  • Candidate Identification and profiling
  • Assistance in personnel selection and hiring
  • Assistance for the internal reorganization of the company
  • Drafting of personnel employment contracts
  • Management of paperwork concerning changes in employment conditions
  • Management of termination of employment papers, various and sundry
We offer a complete and flexible consulting service, ranging from the identification of qualified personnel to assistance in the internal organization or reorganization of contractual and bureaucratic papers to legal disputes.

In particular
  • Head-hunting, hiring procedures management
  • Redaction and revision of work contracts
  • Management of disputes and litigations
  • Negotiations during the definition of labor relations and eventual terminations of work contracts
  • Reports for the management of human resource according to the needs of the parent company
  • Company restructurings