Direct investments

Creation of Joint Companies
  • Research and identification of partners
  • Partner assessment
  • Feasibility study
  • Project planning
  • Assistance on site to conclusion of complex negotiations
  • Deeds of partnership redaction
  • Memorandums of association (Corporations)
  • Redaction or alteration of company articles (Limited companies)
  • Lobbying for high-tech positions and obtainment of local subsidies
Joint Venture (JV) Chinese-Foreign (Sino-Foreign) investors
Limited companies established between a Chinese and a foreign investor.
  • The parties agree to create an entity contributing to its net assets with different resources ( capital and know-how or technologies)
  • Earnings are distributed between the partners and profits may be repatriated by foreign investors in proportion to their share or percentage

Sole Proprietorship
  • Creation of a Company entirely with sole proprietors capital
  • Research and identification of settlement areas
  • Feasibility
  • Project planning
  • Redaction of statutes. (corporations)
  • Redaction or alteration of company articles. (limited companies)
  • Lobbying for high-tech positions and obtainment of local subsidies.
Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE)
  • A Limited company entirely controlled by the foreign investor
  • Responsibility limited to registered capital
  • The WFOE, completely autonomous from a legal and fiscal standpoint, generates income locally and its proceeds may be repatriated to the foreign investor's country of origin