Barbatelli & Partners activate and coordinate all activities relevant to complex Special Management operations, among which.

redetermination of company dimensions and organizational structure:
  • company transformation
  • company release and conveyance
  • company fusion, breakup and transfer of participations
  • company liquidation
  • Special operations in capital
  • Procedures for capital Increase
  • Share transfers between partners and toward third parties
  • Foreign income payments
  • Share liquidations
  • Liquidation of assets
All of the Special Management operations listed above are supervised according to:
  1. civil law;
  2. strategic profiles and economic aspects;
  3. appraisal issues;
  4. scouting and partners’ selection;
  5. accounting aspects;
  6. fiscal aspects.
Legal assistance
Drafting and revision of contracts by our lawyers (employment, commercial, share transfers, etc); Advice and coordination in eventual legal controversies.

Trust management

Book-keeping system start-up

Treasury management
  • Management of companies invested for your account
  • Property readjustments including through construction of company structures
  • Surveillance of shareholder investments
  • Coordination of participations held in subsidiaries
  • Representation of the shareholder
  • Discharge of fiscal obligations such as witholding tax
  • Activities regarding company’s capital (capital increase)
  • Shares transfer between shareholders or to third parties
  • Payment of dividends to the foreign investor country
  • Shares liquidation
  • Assets liquidation